In order to comply with the requirements of several of our major clients, TDS has been asked to join a consortium for employee drug testing.  As a member of this consortium TDS employees working for these clients will need to enroll in the program.  Once enrolled, those employees will be instructed to obtain an initial drug screening.


All TDS employees will need to complete the Membership Application Form and fax it into DISA using the number listed on the form, or return it to the TDS office in Oklahoma City.


The application form and instructions for completing it is available on our website DISA Application Form.





At a later date you will be instructed to do your initial drug screening. Anytime you are requested to perform a drug screening test you will need the two forms listed below prior to going to the collection site.


  1. Forensic Drug Testing Custody And Control Form
  2. Alcohol Test Requisition Form


These forms will be made available to you prior to test collection.



Your test date and location for the initial drug screening will be determined at a later date.  Every effort will be made to conduct the test at a convenient time and location for each employee.  It is also possible that employees may be asked to provide a test sample on demand to a collection agency sent to location by the Operator.    


It is possible that many of our employees may already be enrolled in this program through previous employers.  Even if you think you may already be a member we ask that you still complete the application form and fax it into DISAWOrks or send it back toTDS.  Any previous members to this consortium will be moved to the “TDS POOL” of employees and will be subject to drug screening at a later date.


Membership in this program also requires that our employees take random drug tests on a schedule determined by the consortium.


If you would like to know more about the consortium we have been requested to join, please visit their website at


As this program develops we will also have more information on the Employee page of the TDS website.


Thanks for your help with this.  


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