TDS INC., a corporation doing business as TECHNICAL DRILLING SERVICES since 1977, has provided mud logging and consulting services on over 8,000 wells. Currently our services are offered in all areas of the United States and selected foreign countries, with most activity centered in the south central United States. Our services have also been utilized on various projects in the Peoples Republic of China, Morocco, Mexico, and the Siljan impact structure in central Sweden.

Technical Drilling Services is a company with nearly 50 years of history. Our founder Mr. Robert R. "Bob" Willis began his career in the mud logging industry in 1950 with Hycalog. Mr. Willis was on the research team that designed the original gas chromatograph used in mud logging systems, to separate and analyze the hydrocarbon component gases. Mr. Willis left Hycalog to form Analytical Logging with Mr. William E. Bradford, retired Chairman of Halliburton Company. These gentlemen designed and implemented the first Data Monitoring field mud logging units. Approached by Dresser-Magcobar in the early 1960's Analytical was sold to them. Bob stayed with Dresser until 1977 when he left to form TDS.

Technical Drilling Services is financially sound, rated "1A1" by Dun and Bradstreet. Our insurance coverage conforms to the requirements of all large domestic energy companies and our safety record is outstanding. Copies of insurance certificates, financial statements, safety records, and credit references are available upon request.

The primary goal of Technical Drilling Services has always been to assist our clients in reaching total depth safely at minimum cost. We believe in providing our clients with the most accurate data that todays technology can achieve. Our services run the gamut from simple well site gas detectors to sophisticated computerized mud logging services. Any combination of services is offered depending on the needs of our clientele.

Our corporate office is located in Oklahoma City. The main office is where sales, customer support, log uploading to the web, and other necessary daily operations take place. TDS staffs an operations room seven days a week, 365 days a year to communicate with our personnel on every well we work. Our field personnel contact the operations room daily to report all data pertinent to our clients needs.


David Record has been with Technical Drilling Services for more than 36 years.  David currently serves as President.  Responsibilities include the management of personnel, equipment, and handling the companies daily operations. Additional duties include: Development of, and continuation of the companies EHS program, including administrating the companies Drug & Alcohol program. Preparing Final Well Data, packages. Development and ongoing maintenance of the companies website.

Ron Huwe with over 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry, he has worked for TDS for more than 15 years.  He was recently re-located from our South Texas office to our Home Office in OKC where he serves as lead field service technician.  Ron can handle any situation that might arise with our field equipment/instruments, and is quickly becoming our loggers Go to Guy when they need assistance.

The entire staff is extremely proficient at handling any problems that occur in the field and are on 24-hour call.

The employees of TDS not only have excellent backup and support. The company maintains health insurance and a retirement program based on profitability. TDS believes that to retain good people you must provide more than a paycheck.

TDS knows that any company can place a trailer with a computer on location. We use Bloodhound gas detection and analysis equipment from iBall Instruments. These cutting edge systems use infrared technology that delivers accuracy and reliability.  Gas readings, depth and rate of penetration are available in real-time over the Internet via our website. 

Technical Drilling Services is very proud of the loyalty, dedication and professionalism of our field employees. Field personnel average over ten years of wellsite experience. Most field employees hold degrees in geology and all have been trained in basic wellsite geology, drilling engineering, and mud logging procedures. Competent, professional and conscientious personnel are guaranteed on all wells.

We maintain a sizeable database of geological and engineering information. Our well records include geophysical and mud logs, bit records, daily well reports, show reports, completion and production data, mud and well recaps and various other data on several thousand wells. All applicable data is used to benefit our clients and increase our own knowledge and the quality of our services. All information is kept confidential at the request of our clients. We invite and encourage comparison with any other service company. A tour of our corporate office can be arranged for you to inspect our operations at your convenience.

We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to working with you. Our entire staff is anxious to be of service in any way possible. Please contact us should you have any questions or require additional information.


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