TDS COMPUTERIZED LOGGING UNITS are state-of-the-art computer systems using Mainlog Mudlogging software for generating mud logs, daily drilling reports and show reports on your drilling locations. The system produces mud logs that are vastly superior to conventional hand drawn mud logs in accuracy, quality and access. Field units use a computerized data gathering system that interfaces with Bloodhound instrumentation.  The standard TDS Mainlog unit will monitor total combustible gas, chromatograph gases and penetration rates. Optional drilling parameters can also be monitored and the digital data presented graphically. For example gamma ray data is often imported and plotted in the rate of penetration column on the mud log. The program is an expert system, designed with attention to well site conditions and has been thoroughly field tested.

Computer systems and instantaneous communications have become mandatory in today's competitive high tech world. Penetration rates are too fast for a ruler and the traditional mud logging tools to keep up with. Oil companies may have limited personnel working several projects who cannot always be on location. Now you and your non-operating partners can have mud logs and reports on your office PC, or any internet enable device, allowing you to monitor your well data with microsecond accuracy.

The Mainlog program will produce mud logs at scales of five inches, two inches, two & one half inches, or one inch per 100 feet. The Mainlog program is fast and produces graphics with superior resolution. Since all data is digital, quality is essentially perfect.  At the touch of a button, the well data can be written to a disk, exported to an ASCII file or LAS output, then imported to any other computer system or analysis program. Spread sheets, databases, and other log analysis programs can use the data. It can be used as input to E-log programs, seismic products, and a vast range of computer tools now in use. All data can be compressed and archived to a hard disk for vastly more efficient storage and retrieval of logs.

The TDS Mainlog System is the proven expert mud logging system in common use and familiar to many large operators. The open data format, ability to export files to other computer programs, and its presentation quality graphics makes it an indispensable tool for you to use in your continuing exploration for oil and gas.


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