The following list includes the various chemical products used in TDS Inc. mud logging trailers.  By clicking on a selected item, you will be linked to the appropriate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for that item.  Please review the MSDS’s for the products that you may come in contact with.  If needed, copies can be printed for future use, or to provide them to Safety personnel upon request. 

This list is a “Dynamic” document.  It may change to include new items that we add, as well as deleting items that we may remove from our trailers.  It is our goal to include any and all chemicals, or materials that you may come in contact with while performing your work.  It should include items that you add to the trailer inventory.  If you know of materials that your trailer contains that are not listed, please e-mail the item and manufacturer to  I will see to it that they are added to the list and a MSDS link provided.  

10% HcL
ACE Propane cylinder (Trap check gas)
Alizarin Red
Calcium Carbide
Crown Paint Thinner
FAST ORANGE Hand Cleaner
Formula 409 Spray Cleaner
Joy Soap
Mean Green  Cleaner & Degreaser
Peak Antifreeze
Ronsonol Lighter Fluid
Super Glue
Ultra Dawn Dish Soap




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